At Nando’s, creativity fires up our heart and soul. That’s why we support a whole bunch of art, design and music programmes, in partnership with other people who share our passion for creativity.

Every year, we take great pride in firing up Johannesburg’s hottest creative event – the Basha Uhuru Freedom Festival at Constitution Hill. Last year, because of COVID-19, the event couldn’t take place as usual, but we were excited to be part of the Flame Studios launch at Constitution Hill in November 2020, where Nando’s showcased talents from all our creative programmes as we celebrated the opening of Johannesburg’s hottest new recording hub.

Given our strong ties with Constitution Hill and Flame Studios, as well as our commitment to nurturing and showcasing local creativity, when it came to picking a location to shoot the This is Us! music video, we knew exactly where we wanted filming to take place!

“Flame Studios is an independent non-profit company, with world-class audio studio facilities, housed beneath the East Ramparts within the Old Fort at Constitutional Hill,” explains Kirsty Niehaus, Internal Brand Experience Manager at Nando’s. “Flame Studios is named after the Flame of Democracy, which is housed at Constitution Hill. At Nando’s, we value freedom, which is something Constitution Hill will always stand for. That’s why it’s the perfect location for the Basha Uhuru Freedom Festival and why we knew it would be a great place to let our Nandocas express their creative freedom in the music video.”

Kirsty says that she’s loved the This is Us project because it demonstrates so many things that are a core part of Nando’s – creativity, investing in the Nandoca family and working with partners who share the same values and ideals. “It’s been such fun and an honour to be part of making this happen.”

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