Aside from being a red-hot creative event in its own right, the recent Right here, Right Now! exhibition was the launch of HUB, an exciting new development born out of Spier Arts Trust, our Nando’s Art Initiative partner, and the force behind the Spier Arts Academy.

HUB (which stands for House Union Block) is an art consultancy that offers unique architectural installations and a vast collection of artworks by professional South African artists to commercial design projects. Get in touch with HUB for more information. 

HUB manufacturers unique site-specific installations and collectable pieces with highly skilled artisans in the fields of mosaic, bead and other craft mediums. HUB has worked on a number of collaborations facilitated by Clout/SA.

“The collaborations we’re working on with Clout/SA are driving meaningful and sustainable large-scale growth within the creative sector, by generating opportunities for creatives,” says HUB CEO, Mirna Wessels. “Cross-disciplinary collaboration is pushing boundaries and yielding incredibly exciting results for everyone that is involved in the creative process.”

Artworks curated by HUB were showcased at Right here, Right Now!  Many of the artists whose works were shown are dear to our hearts, as we’ve been supporting their professional development through our five artist development programmes. 

For example, the exhibition included artworks such as ‘Breaking Free’ and ‘Mawuwa’, by Effo Munguanzo, who was one of the Nando’s Creative Exchange artists in 2020, ‘Spirit Hold’ by Lizette Chirrime, who Nando’s has been supporting since 2013 (including her work being exhibited at the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair in London), and ‘Untitled’ by Christo Basson, one of the 2018 Nando’s Creative Exchange artists.

“It’s exciting to see the progress that artists are making in the industry and the opportunities that partnerships can deliver for artists,” says Kirsty Niehaus, who heads up the Nando’s Art Initiative. “At Nando’s, we feel privileged to have been a part of their journeys.”

Here’s a bit more about Lizette and Christo:

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