Creating a music video is not simply about having a great song – although our Nandocas had that sorted. A music video has to look amazing too.

That’s why we partnered with Tshepo Jeans, a lifestyle brand founded in South Africa by Tshepo Mohlala. We love the TSHEPO brand because it connects with Nando’s Creativity – Tshepo says the purpose of the brand is to connect with people through stories that design tells. And that’s what Nando’s Creativity is all about – nurturing and showcasing the best of Mzansi’s creative talent and telling the stories that matter.

“I was raised by three strong women,” Tshepo explains. “My mother, Masesi Mamba, who taught me how to hustle, my grandmother, an apostle and masterful storyteller, whose words ‘Tshepo, you’re a gentleman and should always look like one’ echo in my head as I get dressed every morning. Then there is trendy aunt, Takalani, the first person to graduate in our neighbourhood. She would visit us in Tsakane dressed head-to-toe in denim. She ignited my interest in fashion and love for denim and so, I opened the doors of TSHEPO in 2015.”

TSHEPO offers a range of bespoke denim clothing and ready-to-wear products, and we’re partnering with the brand to produce a new range of Nandoca jeans, Umlilo Jeans, which will be launched in November 2021. You can also check out TSHEPO products in the This is Us! video.

To ensure every Nandoca looked their best for the music video, we got fashion stylist and producer Jess Lupton onboard. “I have always loved street style and in particular African street style. The people of South Africa dress in an incredible way – lots of layering and mixing of colours and patterns,” she says. “I often take pictures of people walking down the street to use as inspiration for the projects I am working on.”

Jess says to prepare for the music video shoot, she watched videos of the Brackenhurst musos to dissect their style. “Styling is all about encapsulating a person’s personality and allowing them to shine in a new way,” she says. “I really love putting a person in something completely different for them – something they would never choose for themselves – and seeing their faces light up when they see how good they look.”

She says the inspiration for the This is Us! music video included the likes of MRF Souls, Riky Rick and Sho Madjozi. “Nando’s is a vibrant brand that has a truly African aesthetic and we wanted the look of the video to reflect that,” she says. “The crew looked amazing! They wore the clothes with such confidence and that energy shone through in their performance. I love giving people confidence through clothing.”

If you loved the look, Jess says most of the clothing was sourced from local brands The Fix and MRP. “These retailers make fashion accessible to everyone,” she says.

For more of Jess’s work, check out her Instagram page.